Class Number 61387
Catalog Number 10-806-179
Class Title Adv Anatomy & Physiology
Semester / Year Fall 2016
Units 4.00
Instructor TBD,WITC
Course Fee  $584.80
Senior Fee  $584.80



Location New Richmond
Building WITC New Richmond Campus
Instruction Mode Web-Enhanced
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Class Description
Advanced Anatomy and Physiology is the second semester in a two-semester sequence in which normal human anatomy and physiology are studied using a body systems approach with emphasis on the interrelationships between form and function at the gross and microscopic levels of organization. Instructional delivery within a classroom and laboratory setting. Experimentation within a science lab will include analysis of cellular metabolism, the individual components of body systems such as the nervous, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and urinary. Continued examination of homeostatic mechanisms and their relationship to fluid, electrolyte, acid-base balance and blood. Integration of genetics to human reproduction and development are also included in this course. PREREQUISITE: 10806177 General Anatomy and Physiology, preferably within the last five years.
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