Class Number 61817
Catalog Number 32-444-300
Class Title CNC Turning - Basic Op & Prgrm
Semester / Year Fall 2015
Units 2.00
Instructor Becker,Richard K
Course Fee  $337.26
Senior Fee  $337.26



Location Rice Lake
Building WITC Rice Lake Campus
Instruction Mode In Person (Classroom)
Room Day(s) Time Date(s)
Class Description
This course includes the operation of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathes and turning centers including calling up programs, loading and unloading parts, part inspection, and monitoring tool wear. The use of process plans, inspection sheets and set up guides will also be covered. This course will also provide an introduction to planning and writing programs for CNC turning centers using standard G and M codes. Learners will set up work pieces in machines, enter programs, set tool offsets, enter tool compensation, and complete part projects.
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