Class Number 23664
Catalog Number 32-410-353
Class Title Construction Framing 2
Semester / Year Spring 2016
Units 4.00
Instructor Theilig,Scott T
Course Fee  $660.52
Senior Fee  $660.52



Location Rice Lake
Building WITC Rice Lake Campus
Instruction Mode Web-Enhanced
Room Day(s) Time Date(s)
Class Description
This is a lab/theory course that runs concurrently with and companion to Construction Framing 1. This course covers the operations required in building layout and the framing of floors, walls, roofs, and stairs. The learner will learn the importance of building an energy-efficient home, and will be performing energy tests with diagnostic tools. Competencies are learned through lecture and actual hands-on applications. PREREQUISITES: 32410339 Print Reading for Building Construction, 32804355 Math 355, and COREQUISITE: 32410303 Construction Framing 1.
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