Class Number 61274
Catalog Number 32-451-342
Class Title Intro to HFC/Cable TV
Semester / Year Fall 2014
Units 3.00
Instructor Kostner,Paul F
Course Fee  $451.20
Senior Fee  $451.20



Location Rice Lake
Building WITC Rice Lake Campus
Instruction Mode In Person (Classroom)
Room Day(s) Time Date(s)
Class Description
This course introduces the student to the basics of the HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) portion of the broadband industry. It will focus on four (4) primary areas: cable and wire - the design of the cables physically and electrically and how to splice them; print reading - construction drawings and system maps/circuit diagrams; station installation - installation of customer materials and equipment and teaching the customers how to properly use the equipment; basic trouble shooting - finding and repairing trouble in materials and equipment.
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