Class Number 26121
Catalog Number 78-858-755
Class Title ABE Reading Level 5
Semester / Year Spring 2015
Units 1.00
Instructor Stelter,Donna M
Course Fee  $4.50
Senior Fee  $4.50



Location Rice Lake
Building WITC Rice Lake Campus
Instruction Mode In Person (Classroom)
Room Day(s) Time Date(s)
Class Description
Level 5 Reading (grade equivalent 9.0 - 10.9) emphasizes comprehension of a variety of literary works including primary source materials and professional journals. Learners explain and analyze information, use context cues and higher order processes to interpret meaning of written material, and read technical information and complex manuals. Learners who successfully complete Level 5 Reading achieve High Adult Secondary Education Benchmarks according to NRS guidelines.
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25893  78-858-755  ABE Reading Level 5  Superior  In Person (Classroom)  01/12  View Course Information 



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