Class Number 23570
Catalog Number 32-890-300
Class Title Contemporary Workplace
Semester / Year Spring 2015
Units 2.00
Instructor Shipley,David A
Course Fee  $272.80
Senior Fee  $272.80



Location Rice Lake
Building WITC Rice Lake Campus
Instruction Mode Web-Enhanced
Room Day(s) Time Date(s)
Class Description
This course prepares you to enter the contemporary workplace with a variety of skills needed in today’s rapidly changing world of work. You will explore aspects of professionalism, management and leadership styles, the impact of diversity, and aspects of customer service. In addition, legal issues, health, safety, and security concerns, employee/employer relationships, employee compensation options; and effective interpersonal relationships will be examined. Interpersonal skill building will be a focus throughout with hands-on, practical experiences and exercises designed to reinforce learning.
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